July 2019, Rocket Science Magazine


March 2019, Topic Magazine

Matthew Leifheit conjures history and fantasy in the fabled gay enclave.

November 2018, Aperture

Photographer Will Matsuda reinterprets hanafuda, a Japanese game that translates to “flower cards.”

June 2018, NPR

In Portland, Oregon, photographer Ricardo Nagaoka records a community pushed to the margins.

May 2018, Lens - The New York Times

Three young artists discuss the histories, struggles, and complexities of making photographs in America today.

November 2017, Aperture

In a new body of work, the photographer confronts the post-election U.S. landscape with dark humor.

October 2017, Aperture

Picturing friends and family in vivid colors, the nineteen-year-old photographer reframes representations of masculinity.

June 2017, Aperture

How have West Coast photographers subverted the mythology of California?

April 2017, Aperture